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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." - Coco Chanel

As a makeup artist, my goal is to always be versatile enough that I can cater to all types of clientele. All my clients are unique in their own special way, being able to provide an experience that complements and empowers them individually is what drives me. Makeup is not one size fits all. I’d like to think that there are 3 types of clients…


The “I don’t like too much makeup, but I wanna look amazing” client.

The “go hard or go home” client.

& The client that’s somewhere in between the two. 

Whichever client you are, I’m glad you’re here. You’ve made the right choice with Dupes on the beat. With my zealous passion for all things beauty, my fun and friendly personality and keen attitude to meeting new people, I aim to make every client that sits in her chair feel and look stunning!


what my clients are saying

Dupe has been my go-to makeup artist for about a year now & I’m loyal to the cause! She is absolutely great at what she does. Anytime I go she is always on time, makeup utensils are clean and it’s always just a good overall vibe. She’s fabulous at creating looks on the spot and has even convinced me a few times to step away from my normal soft beat to a more glamorous look & I always receive compliments. I always recommend her to anyone looking for a makeup artist.


- Joyce

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