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Because I understand that beauty and makeup is not one size fits all, all my clients are unique in their own special way and being able to cater to everyone individually is what means the most to me.

Because I understand how important your occasion is to you, and I don’t take it lightly. My goal is to make you look great and feel authentically empowered.

Because I believe that we shouldn’t only celebrate occasions, but we should celebrate what makes us beautiful each and every day. 

Because I pride myself in being able to do whatever you need me to, whether it be a sharp cut crease, glitter in your waterline, or the softest beat you’ve ever seen. For me, versatility is vital as a makeup artist and entrepreneur. 


You can call me Dupes, or Victoria. I’m the beauty boss behind Dupesonthebeat. I’m a professional makeup artist based in Maryland. I pride myself in offering my clients flawless makeup applications for bridal work, photoshoots, TV & Film and also everyday occasions by simply enhancing the beauty that lies within them.


I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Administration, I've applied all knowledge to my brand and business. Dupesonthebeat was born by chance, my love & interest for all things beauty began while she was in high school. Doing makeup was a hobby, that later became a way of expressing herself. 


While this is only the beginning of my journey, I plan to leave an impact on society by continuing to empower women through beauty. I believe that beauty is not all about outward appearance but also about what a woman is carrying on the inside of her.





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